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Part Programming

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IMS provides a complete CMM part programming service. Our team of highly trained professionals can provide their skills to assist you when your programming needs surpass your in-house capacity.

Part programs can be efficiently created on-site at your facility or in-house within at our technical centre.

We can provide measurement application consultation from probing techniques through to modular fixturing as well as Turnkey solutions to achieve best metrology practice in your part programs.

Whether you have a CAD capability for measurement or otherwise we can provide Off-line/On-line part programming capability utilizing your CAD model or engineering drawing.

A variety of measurement result outputs can be generated ranging from:

              Full tabulated and graphical report generation.
              On-screen Custom-designed user interfaces to optimize the use of the CMM by Unskilled operators.
              SPC analysis and capability studies to ensure that both the measurement solution and manufacturing process integrate fully
Advanced DMIS programming language
Our applications team has the highest level of knowledge and experience in the following CMM programming languages:
Please contact us for training class's schedule:

(281) 712-7879