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·Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machines

·Excellent metrological performance when measuring large scale objects.

·Motorized CNC Programmable.

·Digital Motion Control system

·Powered by latest generation CAD capable VDMIS Metrology Software.

·Continuous Motion Control

·Wide distances between bearings for optimum mechanical stability.

·All guide ways have air-bearings for precise and smooth CMM motion.

·X and Y axis are provided with rack/pinion drives for efficient axis motion.

·The longitudinal beams are manufactured from stabilized steel for maximum stability supported on a series of pillars. Beams can be joined together allowing the ‘Y’ axis to be 12,000mm or longer as the application demands. 0.1 micron resolution scales and reader head system.

·Dual drive and dual scales on the longitudinal Y axis for optimum performance on PLUS models.