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·Horizontal Arm Side Mounted (SM) CMM.

·Mechanical Bearing.

·Motorized CNC Programmable.

·Digital Motion Control system

·Powered by latest generation CAD capable VDMIS Metrology Software.

·Continuous Motion Control

·modular design allowing the CMM to be build to suit an applications precise measuring volume.

·The Side Mounted (SM) series is characterized by design simplicity, easy maintenance, and high robustness and are suitable for sheet-metal, trim, plastic interior parts, seats and full Body-in-White (BIW) automotive applications.

·All axes incorporate high precision linear guide way technology, 1 micron resolutions scales that provide the CMM with an impressive volumetric accuracy.

The horizontal Y axis is manufactured from new generation composite material providing an ultra light and stiff arm eliminating the traditional ‘droop’ associated with horizontal arm CMM machines.