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Leading Metrology Innovation
VDMIS® represent the future of the Metrology software by combining the complete set of the Metrology functions and direct CAD link to the most innovative, dynamic, intuitive and interactive User Interface.

VDMIS® is the combination of the latest software technology in the market and 20 years feedback from CMMs professional worldwide.
All the existing metrology software are still using the old and obsolete user graphical interface with small icons without titles so the user had always to struggle to guess the meaning of each icon and memorize it.

VDMIS® is the first Metrology software to buck the trend by introducing a new User Interface in High Resolutions, large size icons with titles so the user can find the function he is looking for immediately.

In addition,
VDMIS® is the first Metrology software to use “Windows 7's Text to Speech” technology which makes VDMIS® the most interactive Metrology Software in the market.

Here are some on the innovations introduced by
VDMIS® to the Metrology Market for the first time:

                                               With VDMIS® the future of Metrology has just arrived.
· Completely designed in Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit, (Compatible also with Windows XP).

· First Metrology to adopt the new user interface concept with High resolution, large titled icons.

· Dual Monitors compatible for increased efficiency.

· First Metrology software to use “Text to speech” Windows 7 technology.

· The highest level of User-Software interaction.

· High level of intelligence and diagnostic capability Built-in the VDMIS® to help the user
   completing the inspection process in the most efficient and smooth way possible.

New Software-Machine’s Controller communication protocol that offer faster communication
    speed, hardware diagnostic and recovery tools.