VDMIS® Report

VDMIS® Report is new inspection report platform built with so many innovative ideas that made of this package the ultimate breakthrough in the Metrology Market.

VDMIS® Report has introduced completely a new way of creating, analyzing and broadcasting the inspection report that increase by several folds the efficiency, productivity and the understating of the inspection result generated by the CMM software.

VDMIS® Report allows the CMM Programmer to focus completely on the Inspection/Part programming process without worrying about the Inspection report, later when the inspection/part programming is completed the CMM programmer can create the inspection report inside the VDMIS® Report where he can set nominal and tolerances, select output mode, decide what features and dimensions to output, create graphical report, SPC analysis, output analysis to filter and display out of tolerance features.

Here is the list of Met-Reporter major functions, scroll down to see all the details listed in the same sequence:
Report's HEADER
Report Designing & Browsing
Alive Inspection Report
Graphical Report
Report's HEADER

Most of the reporting packages include a report header but they constrain the CMM Programmer to stay within that fixed limited report header.

VDMIS® Report Header gives the CMM-Programmer complete freedom and flexibility of either use the default pre-design header or redesign the header easily and quickly in any way and shape he wants.
Report Designing and Browsing

VDMIS® Report includes the following capability to design and browse the inspection report:
Live Inspection Report
Unlike the traditional “dead” inspection report that does not give any option or flexibility to the user to update nominal, tolerances or format after the report is created.

VDMIS® Report is “Live” inspection report that gives the user the flexibility to update Nominal and Tolerances, change output format and perform report analysis at any time after the creation of the report.
VDMIS® Report includes the following CAD functions to make the inspection report easier to read and analyze.
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