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User Interface

Single Page Software Format
The ultimate in ease of use.

Unlike other software where most Of the functions are buried several Layers deep behind the main page;
VDMIS feature the single page Format where any function is Accessible with one click.

Windows close automatically when They are no longer needed to prevent Screen cluttering.
User Interface Layout
Dynamic Toolbar:    Guiding function determination.
SMART Toolbar:      It is user programmable.
Drag and drop capability: Eliminating complex routines.

3-D solid model virtual CMM, Probe and component representation.
Point and click measurement, Intelligent feature determination.
VDMIS includes set of Easy Tools that guide the CMM operator in performing successfully most of the functions without knowledge, experience or training in VDMIS software.

VDMIS easy Tools provides a quick and easy access to most of functions and allows the CMM operator to perform those functions faster than following the traditional procedures.
VDMIS comes complete with Iconized Interface which enables the CMM to be used as flexible gage on the manufacturing floor by production operators.

Each icon can display a unique bitmap graphic with DMIS program and title bar. Unlimited pages can be accessed by programming an icon as the entry point in the next level.

Password protection provides security access to programming and the CMM environment.

Operator prompts and instructions written into DMIS programs are shown on top of the Iconized Interface and when integrated with standard PC touch screen technology single touch operation of your CMM becomes a practical reality.