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Most of the existing CMMs are still in good shape Mechanically but the electronic and software got beyond obsolete.

Although the existing CMM might be still working with the old electronic and software but using it will be in the long term more expensive that even buying new CMM because of the lower capability, efficiency and productivity.

Your existing CMM will not accommodate CAD integrated inspection, the revolutionary CMM software function of the future.

VDMIS Retrofit Solution will convert your existing CMM to a state of the art measuring system regardless of, type and size of your existing CMM. The cost will surprisingly affordable and therefore easy to justify.

With combined error-correction system, machine accuracy can be improved, in some cases to better than originally supplied specification. And with built-in machine accuracy Checking routines, including Ball Bar, Step Gauge and Renishaw Machine Checking Gauge, your CMM performance need never be in doubt.

Retrofit Solution