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Graphical Programming

VDMIS runs both as an Off-Line application enabling CMM inspection programs to be generated and verified at a location that best serves the measurement task.
VDMIS can also be run Off-Line at the CMM enabling program editing and verification to occur without Risk of CMM structure crashes.
Graphical Programming allows inspection programs to be generated in a Virtual digital manufacturing environment enabling full CMM and probe kinematic simulation and program verification and optimization in advance of part Inspection demand; thereby Reducing lead-times and Increasing CMM productive utilization.

Probe Path Simulation enables effective program prove out.

CAD model manipulation tools allow the model to be located onto the CMM table regardless of design alignment and rotated to suit Physical part CMM alignment and rotated to suit physical part CMM alignment.

Feature Based Measurement is achieved by selecting the object To be measured.

Auto feature recognition, nominal feature and single ‘click’ automatic entry to the Database is seamlessly achieved.

The full scaled dynamic representation of the CMM and true Renishaw Probing System from the extensive on-line library Provides real world simulation and programming tools.

Collision protection provides for a foolproof anti-crash  assurance protecting your expensive investment.
•  Program creation directly from CAD data.
•  Optimization, Simulation and Verification.
•  3D part and fixture visualization On-Line
    & Off-Line.
•  1 Click to switch to switch from.
•  On-Line to Off-Line mode and Vice versa.
•  CMM and probe kinematics Simulation.
• Comprehensive library of CMM models.
•  Auto collision protection.
•  DMIS in, DMIS out.
•  Full Renishaw dynamic graphical probe